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About myself


My name is Fabrizio Fantini. I am an over-thirty Italian software engineer and my main occupation is to develop software. I was born, grew up and currently live in Parma, a small and beautiful city in Northern Italy.


As mentioned above, I spend most of my time analyzing, designing, writing and mantaining software. I have some experience on CAD and PLM systems as I have been working in this area for a few years now.
The programming languages I use most include Java, VB.NET, C#, Lisp, SQL, XML amongst others. I appreciate the theory of object oriented programming because I believe this is a major step in the right direction of universal, “human-readable”, easy-maintainable code, based on a more natural concept of design that leads to a more understandable implementation.

Interests, Activities and Hobbies

Other than my job, my interests include:

Movies, TV Shows, Books and Music


The easiest way to contact me is via email: fabrizio (at) fantini |dot| name (my résumé is available upon request). Or you can find me on:

  • flickr (I rarely use it)
  • CouchSurfing (if you are looking for a couch in Parma and I’m not busy…)