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About this Site

When I decided to build this site I really had no idea what to publish on it. Actually, one of the main reasons why I decided to set it up was the fact that I had been owning this domain for several years without using it.

I only knew I wanted it to be hosted on my slug at my place, I wanted it to include a blog and I also wanted it to be easy to maintain. That’s it


The hardware engine of this website is a Linksys NSLU2, a small low-cost NAS featuring a slow ARM CPU and 32Mb of RAM which I run at my home.

Having to deal with the hardware limits of the slug, I decided to adopt lighttpd, a web server that aims to reduce memory footprint and optimize the cpu-load, while focusing on speed and security.

Since I have a cheap DSL connection at home, I had to face the problem of using a dynamic public IP address to publish my site under my own domain. To solve this problem I subscribed to Duck DNS, a free dynamic DNS service.

I also decided that publishing a static website (instead of dynamically generating pages) would have been appreciated by my tiny slug. So, after testing some static website generators, I finally opted for Jekyll.

Therefore this website comes to life as a bunch of text files I write on my laptop (using Notepad++) in a format called Markdown. These files are then processed by Jekyll together with other resources and transformed into a static HTML site. Jekyll demands the processing of the Markdown format to Maruku and makes use of Pygments for code syntax decoration. The look of the site comes from a free template I found on spyka, which I then adapted and modified to suit my needs. Blog comments, which are the only dynamic part of the site, are managed by DISQUS.

Finally, I use cwRsync to upload the generated HTML pages to the webroot of my slug.

In the projects section you can read how I tweaked my slug to run a full Debian OS and how I set up the whole system to bring this site to life.


The content of this site is free, it is licensed under the the GNU Free Documentation Licence. So you can copy, download, modify and redestribute it as you like. This is not true for the layout of the site, which is based on a template I found on spyka and that still follows its own licence policy.


This site leverages many free or open source softwares. I guess it would be hard to name them all. Anyway I want to thank everybody who spent some of his time in the process of developing any free software. My acknoledgements especially go to:

nslu2-linux   debian linux   Duck DNS   lighttpd   jekyll   disqus