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Portable Jekyll

Upgrading to Jekyll 2.3.0 on Windows (01 Sep 2014)

During the last summer holidays, I finally managed to prepare my new laptop, installing and configuring all the (many) applications I use at work. The last software I needed to… »Read More

Pizza Napoletana

And dreaming of a wood oven (10 Jan 2014)

As any true “average Italian” (kiddin’), I have a true passion for pizza. I love eating it and I also love cooking it. I like all kinds of pizza: the… »Read More


A night flight over Italy (02 Sep 2013)

Luca Parmitano is an Italian astronaut and a military pilot. He is one of those few people that make me proud of being Italian. About a month ago, he became… »Read More

Against VB.NET Syntax

Allowing to omit the return statement in function definitions is pointless (10 May 2012)

In my humble opinion, a good compiler should -among other things- do its best to raise every possible error at compile-time. This approach usually helps avoiding run-time errors, which is… »Read More

Upgrading Bugzilla

From version 2.22 to 4.2 (07 Mar 2012)

I happen to be responsible for administering and maintaining the Bugzilla instance we use at work. Bugzilla is one of the most widely known and used bug tracking systems, and… »Read More

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