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Portable Jekyll

Upgrading to Jekyll 2.3.0 on Windows (01 Sep 2014)

During the last summer holidays, I finally managed to prepare my new laptop, installing and configuring all the (many) applications I use at work. The last software I needed to… »Read More

Pizza Napoletana

And dreaming of a wood oven (10 Jan 2014)

As any true “average Italian” (kiddin’), I have a true passion for pizza. I love eating it and I also love cooking it. I like all kinds of pizza: the… »Read More


A night flight over Italy (02 Sep 2013)

Luca Parmitano is an Italian astronaut and a military pilot. He is one of those few people that make me proud of being Italian. About a month ago, he became… »Read More

Against VB.NET Syntax

Allowing to omit the return statement in function definitions is pointless (10 May 2012)

In my humble opinion, a good compiler should -among other things- do its best to raise every possible error at compile-time. This approach usually helps avoiding run-time errors, which is… »Read More

Upgrading Bugzilla

From version 2.22 to 4.2 (07 Mar 2012)

I happen to be responsible for administering and maintaining the Bugzilla instance we use at work. Bugzilla is one of the most widely known and used bug tracking systems, and… »Read More


Yet Another Merry Christmas Post (24 Dec 2011)

This is just another pointless merry Christmas blog post. I believe that it is a must if you keep a blog, so… here it is! Being this a pointless post… »Read More

Jekyll on Windows

Installing Jekyll on my new office laptop (04 Dec 2011)

During the last few days, I have been dealing with the migration of my office laptop to a newer one. This typically means spending a lot of time reinstalling and… »Read More

Summer Holidays

And thinking about the next trip (25 Sep 2011)

Down here the summer is over; two days of rain, and suddenly the air feels like autumn. Together with the summer, my summer holidays are over as well. And, as… »Read More

A design flaw in .NET Generics

When a collection of apples is not a collection (05 May 2011)

Some time ago, while I was working on a VB.NET program, I ran into a problem that -I think- is due to a design flaw in .NET Generics. Summing up,… »Read More

Happy Birthday Italy

Proud to be Italian (26 Feb 2011)

I have often stated that I am proud to be Italian. Sadly, many of my fellow citizens have a low opinion of Italy and Italians, so more than once I… »Read More

A limitation with SQL “IN” clause

Ramblings about declarative programming (28 Jan 2011)

A few days ago, a customer reported a strange problem on one of the softwares I work on: when performing a particular operation, our program was showing a database server… »Read More

Merry Christmas

My own Xmas post (21 Dec 2010)

Since I have a brand new blog, I want to write my own Christmas post. I guess this is almost a must, if you keep a blog. A pointless post,… »Read More


Dishonest or just stupid? (13 Oct 2010)

A few years ago one of my now ex-colleagues resigned from what is still the company I work for. He left “slamming the door” (I do not know why) and… »Read More

Nuclear Launch Detected.

Staring at my copy of Starcraft II (27 Jul 2010)

After playing Starcraft with my friends almost weekly for the last ten years, today Blizzard released the sequel of this timeless epic game: Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty. And… »Read More

An incredible Story

The story of a priest who became Minister of Nothing (21 Jul 2010)

I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a priest who decided to unfrock and start working for a large company, one of the largest… »Read More

Linksys NSLU2

Running like a slug (10 Jul 2010)

A couple of years ago I bought a Linksys NSLU2 (or Slug, as it’s often referred to), a small low cost NAS you can get for less than 100 euros…. »Read More

Fresh Pasta

Spreading Parma’s cuisine around the world (05 Jul 2010)

A few days ago I had my second experience as a couchsurfing host. As the first one, it has been a really positive experience. The couchsurfer I hosted, Eric, is… »Read More

Kick Off!

An introduction to just wasting bandwidth (30 Jun 2010)

What better title for the first post of a blog that starts during the World Cup (and, sadly, just after Italy was eliminated)? Eventually I managed to put together all… »Read More

Testing Pygments

A test with the python syntax highlighter (24 Jun 2010)

Here is my test with pygments with java code public class Fanto { public void toString() { System.out.println("Fabrizio Fantini"); } } Pygments is a piece of python code that i… »Read More

My First Post

Or filling a page with useless stuff (11 Jun 2010)

This is my first post into my blog. Right now I don’t have anyyhig to blog about… so I will just fill this page with usless words like this! »Read More