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Pizza Napoletana

And dreaming of a wood oven

Published on 10 January 2014

my pizza

As any true “average Italian” (kiddin’), I have a true passion for pizza. I love eating it and I also love cooking it. I like all kinds of pizza: the napoletana (the one they only serve in the true Italian pizzerias), thick crust, thin crust, homemade… In short, if it is a good pizza, I always like it.

I’ve been refining my recipe for thick-crust homemade pizza (the one you cook in the pizza pan) for years… and I can say that I am now quite satisfied with the result. Anyway, not so long ago I decided to try to make a homemade pizza that should be as similar as possible to the one that is served in the classic Italian pizzerias, the so-called pizza napoletana.

Unfortunately, I soon realized that this is virtually impossible: the key to a good pizza is cooking it very quickly at very high temperatures. Electric ovens used in pizzerias reach temperatures of 350°C and above, while an electric home oven (such as mine) typically does not exceed 250°C. So, when using an electric home oven, it is impossible to achieve the same result.

Buying a wood oven and installing it in the garden would be the other option: wood ovens reach and exceed 350°C and, as you probably know, they can make a pizza that is even better than the ones cooked in a professional electric oven. Unfortunately I do not have this option, so I’ve tried to maximize the result with my available resources: the common electric fan oven (with grill) I have at home. With the help of the grill set at the maximum temperature, the ventilation and a pizza stone, I have reached a quite good result: the pizza that I get is not identical to the one you can eat in any pizzeria here in Parma, but it’s quite similar and still very good (see photo above).

Here I have published my recipe; for those who are willing to buy a pizza stone and a pizza peel, the result is guaranteed. Enjoy!

Fabrizio Fantini 10 January 2014

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